The Park and Church

The park has the same opening hours as the exhibitions, June 13th - September 27th, Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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The park
The garden south of the castle was built in the 1850’s, inspired from English-styled parks with winding footpaths. The smaller lake in front of the castle was probably constructed during the same time.

The ruin was built on the foundation of a greenhouse, as a time-typical addition to the English park. A picture from 1891 is the first evidence of the ruin’s existence. It was higher then, than it is today. Trees and flowers grew around the stones, both inside and around the ruin, which enhanced the Romantic feeling. The park has the same opening hours as the exhibits and is now closed for the season. 

Skarhult church. Photo by Ralf Turander.
Skarhult church. Photo by Ralf Turander.

Skarhult church
Skarhult church was built between 1150-1175.

Lady Mette Rosenkrantz had the tower rebuilt and installed a new sanctuary. Beneath the sanctuary, she built a crypt dedicated to her late husband Sten Rosensparre, who died in the battle of Axtorna in 1565. Mette also donated the font basin in brass used until this day, two candelabras, and a few of the beautiful ceiling paintings.

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