Coming Up

Skarhult Castle, its exhibits, the park, the church, and the café are open between the 19th of May - 14th of October, Wednesdays - Sundays 11.00 - 17.00. We will display the exhibits You go boy!, Swedish Dads, and Power in Disguise. The exhibits Power in Disguise and Swedish Dads can be viewed without a guide, however, we recommend that our visitors experience You go boy! together with a guide. 

Open guided tours

Skarhult has over the years become known for our open guided tours. In order to maximise the experience for our visitors, our knowledgable guides offer open guided tours of the exhibits. These tours are included in the entrance fee and depend on the schedule of the day. The hours for these tours are, therefore, updated every Tuesday on this page. 

Note that the open guided tours are only offered in Swedish.

Saturday 19th of May
11.00 The gates open 
11.30 Werner von Schwerin, 14 years old, and history teacher Michael Neppelberg open the exhibit "You go boy!".
Shorter guided tours will depart every half hour during the entire opening day, note that these will only be in Swedish. 

Sunday 20th of May
11.15 Power in Disguise
12.00 You go boy! 
14.00 You go boy!
15.00 Power in Disguise
16.00 You go boy! 

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