Power in Disguise

The exhibition portrays, in great detail, the life of 20 chatelaines, presented in the halls which these women built, lived and died in. These women’s lives and aspirations are displayed up close and these women have with their own courage, will-power, and ambition determined the history of the castle. 

Affisch beskuren

Where? At Skarhult’s castle, situated between Lund and Eslöv in Skåne.

When? Skarhult's castle and exhibitions are now closed. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

How? Exhibition in the castle's parade floor, guided tours, walks in the park, and a café. The book, published by Atlantis, is richly illustrated and brings out new research about the women who lived and were active at Skarhult. Keep a look out on Power in Disguise Facebook page for further information and updates about our various arrangements.


·       To, for the first time ever, open one of Sweden’s best preserved renaissance castles to the public

·       To tell the story of the disguised power of Swedish women

·       To contribute to research in Swedish cultural and economical history as well as subscribe the fifteen chatelaines         continuous historical context

·       To give elderly and young examples of enterprising female entrepreneurs from history to counteract the myth         about Sweden lacking female role models

·       To bring life to and create a debate on our common history 

·       Read more about the background of the project here.

For whom? The exhibition is aimed at a broad public interested in history; to schools, universities, and to everyone who wishes to learn more about our common past. Guided tours are bookable for school classes, associations, and private individuals.

By whom? Alexandra von Schwerin, who since 2003 lives in and operates at Skarhult Castle together with Carl Johan von Schwerin, runs the project.


·       Dick Harrison. Professor of history at Lund University.

·       Svante Norrhem. Professor of history at Umeå University.

·       Eva Helen Ulvros. Professor of history at Lund University.

·       Carin Bergström. Docent of history and superintendent at Kgl Husgerådskammaren.

·       Angela Rundquist. PhD in ethnology at Stockholm University.

·       Peter Ullgren. Docent of history at Linköping University.

·       Scenography: Eva Canebro and Maria Kullenberg.

·       Pedagogy: Hannah Fredriksson, Maria Olofsson, and Linnéa Hansson.