Skarhult Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was started in the summer of 2012 by Alexandra von Schwerin. The purpose of this organisation is to ensure that Skarhult’s history is kept alive for the next generations to experience as well as for a wider audience. With the exhibition Power in Disguise the castle of Skarhult was opened to the public for the first time ever in 2014. At the same time, the book Power in Disguise (Atlantis) was released. Since then, the foundation has presented the exhibitions The children at Skarhult, Lovers and mistresses – pleasure and desire 500 years, the Gardens of Skarhult, You Go Boy and Ester Blenda. 6 educative movies about women’s history have been produced and distributed to all Sweden’s schools. 

Skarhult is one of Sweden’s best-preserved castles from the renaissance era. Each hall, every window, and detail, has its own history to tell. However, the walls are incapable of speech. Instead, Skarhult documents histories, photographs, paintings, and other historical artefacts.

The Swedish Temperance Movement’s association “Blå Band” at a summer excursion to Skarhult in July 1901.

Skarhult is a rich chest of treasures for understanding our past. Here, families from the elite side of society have lived and operated since the 14th century; rich farmers, Danish cabinet ministers with powerful wives, commanders over the Swedish troops when Scania became Swedish, immensely rich widows, frivolous counts and barons, King Karl XIV Johan, hundreds of girls which would be educated to become capable wives, and many more. We will continue to tell you our stories, stay posted!