Meet the Production Designers

The exhibit’s art directors Eva Canebro and Maria Kullenberg:

Exhibition interior in Skarhult’s 18th century grand hall.

When we were asked if we wanted to create the set design for the exhibit Power in Disguise, it was only three months left until opening day. To go through 500 years of hidden female power in such a short span of time was a challenge! We can now safely say that, out of all the exhibitions we have done through the years, this one is probably the most fun and important one! 

Imagine if a castle could speak. What would it say, and how would it say it? We have tried to imagine how it felt to live during the tragic 17th century, how Maria von Schwerin mourned her lost son in the Puritan 19th century, and how it was to live during the licentious 18th century. 


We have researched the smallest of details, like the frayed ribbons of metal, the shell in Vanitas, and the fabric on Pehr Hilleström’s painting which we finally found in England. We have searched, sketched, nailed, painted, cut, cursed, frozen, gotten angry, and laughed even more. We have hunted down things, made a thousand calls, and we actually think we could now find our way to Eslöv blindfolded. 

Canebro & Kullenberg consist of Eva Canebro and Maria Kullenberg, freelancing art directors. 

Maria and Eva have worked together for about ten years. They have, among other things, produced whole exhibitions from its original idea to the final product and they have created set designs for artists, photographers, and writers. 

Examples of places where their work can be found:

Sofiero Castle, Fredrikdals manor, The Nordic Gardens, and in various magazines and books.

Eva Canebro och Maria Kullenberg.