Wind Power

Since ancient times, wind has been used as a power source. In recent decades, wind power has developed to become a cost-efficient and competitive alternative for producing electricity. Wind power therefore offers new revenue opportunities for landowners.

Wind power has lately become a central part of the operation of Skarhult.

In 1999, Skarhult built its first two wind turbines. The number has gradually increased. Today, the wind farm consists of eight turbines with an annual production of 25 GWh. This is the equivalent of five thousand Swedish house’s annual energy consumption.

The wind power technology is advancing. Only one of the turbines built in 2009 produces the same amount of electricity as the four older ones produce together. Due to tenancy and partnerships, the wind power is today an important part of Skarhult’s economy. 

  • In 1999, 2 turbines of the model Enercon E-40 were built.
  • In 2001, 2 turbines of the model Enercon E-40 were built.
  • In 2009, 4 turbines of the model Enercon E-82 were built.

Skarhult’s positive experiences of wind power led to Carl Johan and Alexandra von Schwerin to expand the business. They are co-founders of the company HS Kraft AB which today projects, builds, and runs around fifteen wind farms in the south of Sweden. For more information, please visit